Can Rabbits Eat Oranges?

Question: Can rabbits eat oranges?

Answer: Yes, they can, as long as the oranges are healthy and fed to the rabbits in moderation.

What are the Nutrition Facts of Oranges?

Oranges are naturally sweet and sugary fruits. They also contain high vitamin C content and a decent amount of fiber. Meanwhile, it has a considerably low amount of other vitamins and minerals.  This fruit is arguably one of the sweetest fruits you can ever give your pet since it contains about 91% carbohydrates, 7% protein, and 2% fat.

can rabbits eat oranges

Health Implications of Eating Oranges

The truth is, rabbits don’t need as much Vitamin C as we do. In fact, if these animals take in too much Vitamin C, it can lead to kidney damage. And since oranges are known for their high Vitamin C content without containing many other nutrients, it’s safe to say that this fruit has little to offer to your rabbit in terms of nutritional value.

You can say that oranges are one of the lowest-nutrient yet highest-sugar fruit you can feed your rabbit. So unless your rabbit is particularly fond of oranges, you should replace it with other fruits with better nutritional value.

If your rabbit overeats orange, then it may become overweight or obese. Also, rabbits love sweet things, and if frequently given oranges, they might stop eating their regular balanced diet and constantly crave oranges instead.

How Can I Feed my Rabbits Oranges?

Before you give your rabbit any piece of orange, ensure you first peel it and remove most of, if not all, of the white pith on the fruit. An orange’s peel and pith are usually bitter, and seeing as they have nothing of value for your bunny, there’s no need for your pet to have to eat them.

After peeling off these parts, break the orange into smaller segments. This will make it easier for your rabbit to eat, and you can also monitor how much they eat at a time.

How Often Should I Feed my Rabbits Orange?

Remember that oranges contain more sugar than nutrients so that it wouldn’t make much of a difference to your rabbit’s overall health. This is why it is advised to feed your rabbit as little orange as you can. Instead, complement or supplement the fruit with other more nourishing ones.

However, if you would still like to feed your rabbits oranges, do not make this a daily affair. Give them the fruit, not more than once a week and in tiny portions – nothing more than the size of their paw.

What Kind of Orange Should I Feed my Rabbit?

Oranges have a wide variety, and they all have the same quality – high in sugar, low in anything else. You don’t have to be confused when choosing what kind of citrus you want to get for your pet. You can choose anyone you like, and if it turns out that your bunny prefers one variety to the other, you can stick to that one.

How About Orange Peels?

We already mentioned that orange peels are bitter and really have not much value. Still, opinions differ in terms of whether these pets should eat them or not. While some vets and experts say that it’s okay to give your rabbits banana peels, some pet owners say that it’s just absurd to do so. Most of their argument is that pesticides and herbicides used in growing the citrus may linger on the peels, and rabbits may react negatively to those chemicals if they eat them.

The bottom line is that if you don’t want to feed your pet orange peels without worrying about chemicals, you should purchase organic oranges.

Should Rabbits Eat Dried Oranges?

Dried oranges already have all their water content removed. When this is done, the fruits will shrink, and you may want to think that the smaller size is a better option for your rabbit.

On the contrary, dried oranges are more harmful than regular oranges. This is because the sugar content is now more concentrated in the smaller citrus. Moreover, store-bought dried oranges usually contain sweeteners to improve taste, which makes them less healthy. It’s better to stick to regular oranges because they are more nutritious than dried ones.

can baby rabbits eat oranges

Can Rabbits Eat Orange Leaves?

Branches and leaves from orange trees are safe to eat as long as they don’t have chemicals. Even if there isn’t any pesticide on the leaves, you should wash them before feeding them to your rabbit. That will help get rid of debris or dirt.

Can I Give Baby Bunnies Oranges?

When rabbits are born, they initially rely on their mother’s milk for sustenance. As they grow, pet owners can start introducing them to other diets. This majorly includes hay and grass and a minimal amount of vegetables. However, fruits should not be introduced into a bunny’s diet until it is way older.

Besides the fact that fruits may be too harsh for their delicate stomach, you wouldn’t want to get your rabbit exposed to sweet things at such a very young age. If that happens, they might grow up relying on sweet treats rather than their actual meals.


Oranges are not all that bad for rabbits. They make a very delicious treat for your pets, and they can even serve as a form of motivation when you’re training them.

You can even use this sweet fruit to gauge your rabbit’s health.  Since rabbits can hardly say no to lovely things, once they refuse the fruit, it’s a sign that something is wrong with them, and they have to be taken to see a vet.

However, do not forget that rabbits can quickly get addicted to this fruit, making them stop eating their regular diet. To prevent this from happening, you should limit their orange intake to once or twice a week. While doing this, watch out for signs that indicate that your rabbit might not be enjoying the fruit as it should. If you notice a discomfort of any kind, you would have to stow the orange away.

Can rabbits eat oranges? Rabbit food answers

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